Why “Power My Future”?

Celebrating a Legacy

Nelson Mandela is synonymous with human rights and is known for his love of children. On receiving the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize, he said: “South Africa’s children shall play in the open veldt, no longer tortured by hunger or disease or threatened with abuse. Children are our greatest treasure.”

It is these common goals shared with Afrika Tikkun that led to him to become a Patron-in-chief for the organization. Both parties believed that no child should be left behind, regardless of their race or socio-economic background.

During his retirement years Mandela was quoted as saying that his dealings with children and young people gave him energy and left him feeling recharged. This is why we decided to launch this campaign during “Mandela Month” (July, the month of his birthday) to give global citizens the opportunity to celebrate the legacy of Nelson Mandela in a way that would honor his memory – helping vulnerable children to reach their dreams.

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