Impoverished people in South Africa, particularly young women face extremely high rates of HIV/AIDS. This issue is further aggravated by poverty, sexual violence towards women and children, gender stereotypes and a lack of education. Afrika Tikkun’s Young Urban Women Program mobilizes and educates young women to spread awareness on sexual reproductive health rights in their communities and empowers them to raise their voices against gender-related stereotypes and abuse contribute to the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

On May 20th 2018, JOIN Afrika Tikkun USA for AIDS WALK NEW YORK 2018 to help educate, empower and mobilize Young Urban Women in South Africa!

Here is how you can get involved:

1- Click HERE and register to join our team. Under ‘registration type’ on the registration form choose if you would like to participate in the walk or simply become a ‘virtual walker’ to fundraise for Afrika Tikkun Young Urban Women.
2- DONATE now to help our Young Urban Women fight HIV/AIDS in South Africa.