Our Urban Agripreneurship Incubation Project is currently operational in Dieplsloot and Orange Farm in Gauteng. It is intended to improve incomes, increase access to nutritious fresh produce and create decent livelihoods. This initiative will also equip unemployed youth with the skills to launch their own agri-businesses.


An increase in the net incomes of Agripreneur graduates as they grow & sell their own produce



Growth in sustainable and environmentally conscious farming practices, contributing to the renewal of farmable land

Improved township economies as the Urban Agriculture market will lead to the growth of new businesses & employment opportunities

Improved township food systems as the availability of fresh produce will stimulate greater demand & improve access to healthy foods

Improved livelihoods due to greater access to nutritious food leading to better health outcomes



Both training streams - Urban Agripreneurship Solutions and Regenerative Tiny Farms – will focus on animal rearing, developing agri-tech solutions for farming inputs, business development and financial management. The project will also provide enterprise development support through mentorship and grants.


This initiative forms part of our Youth Acceleration Program which is geared towards 18-21 years-olds. There is a need for innovative approaches to upskill this age group and encourage entrepreneurial thinking.

To support the growth of urban agriculture