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‘Change the World’ Campaign

My name is Karabelo Moseneke, I am 12 years old and I live with both my parents and twin younger brothers. My mother is a Data Capturer in Afrika Tikkun: Uthando Center while my father is a Store Controller.

My everyday morning is waking up, brushing my teeth and get ready for school. My enjoyable moments in school would be from hanging out with my friends and learning interesting topics in the class room.

I always look forward to learning Life Orientation and Technology because they are my favorite subjects.

After school, I always look forward to coming to Uthando Center because I would get to explore everything about the computers, borrow books to read and enjoy a nutritious food.

The more I learn about computers the more I believe that I can be a Robot Engineer or a Scientist. This is because I am a person that loves explore and find out new things. I always want to know about everything that happens around me.

Most people with disabilities struggle to push their wheelchairs, so I created a Gravinator, which enables disabled people to use it in various kinds of ways. And if you cannot use your hands, you can always use something that looks like headphones, which reads your mind and does what you want it to do. It’s also helped by the most important part – the jet boosters, which allow it to move up and down.

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