‘Change the World’ Campaign

My name is Sandy Phala and I am 13 years old. I live in Alexandra, with my mother and father. My mother works at Crowdford College as a substitute teacher and my father is an admin clerk at St Stithians.

I get up at 6 o’clock and help around the house, I sweep the floor and make breakfast for my mother and father, then prepare for school. I walk for about 30 minutes to school. I enjoy school because we do interesting activities such as physical exercises and we have a singing choir and play netball. I’m passionate about singing and I received a certificate for school choir.

After school, I go to Afrika Tikkun centre to do my homework and school project with the help of facilitators. I practice netball at the sport hall and I like that we get nice gifts.

My teacher says that I am the best reader and I don’t easily lose hope. I love Maths, English and Life Skills.

I want to be a bone doctor. My dream is to finish school with good grades so that I can study Osteology and help people who suffer from bones diseases like arthritis. One day I hope to find a cure for serious diseases like cancer and make sure that the sick are cared for. I want to own many community clinics and help the existing ones with more medications.

My idea to change the world: I want to build a flying house that goes around and fixes other houses.

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