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“People think that the music industry is all fun and games but its hard work, and people need to understand how DJs work hard” said the DJ, who hopes to be an inspiration to the youth.

Mark’s music career started slowing when he used to play at the early H20 parties when his friend who owned the parties asked him to play at his club Sutra. Three months after he began playing at Sutra he was booked every weekend and before he knew it he was djing for a living.

Besides playing in 15 countries around the world, Mark’s career highlight was playing the main stage at the Ultra Music Festival for the last 2 years and getting his first 5fm Top 40 Number 1 across all genres. Although he started off as a DJ, he has evolved and now at this point in his career he enjoys producing music.

Just coming from collaborating with his old time inspiration Higher Self, Mark hopes to one day work with international artist David Guetta and local artist Casper Nyovest and his best friend Ricardo Costa.

Mark started his record label to help South Africa take their music to the world and he wants to be remembered as the guy who has always helped everyone the best way he can. “I love house music is, house music is my life for it to grow I have to pass it on to the next generation and encourage them to do the same.

Mark Stent studied to be an Actuary and has a BSc mathematics. Mark worked as a business analyst but he always worked the music industry since he was a child. He started DJing at the age of 17 and although he loved it, he never thought of it as a career.  Twelve years ago Mark got tired of the corporate world and decided to follow his heart and do what he loves. The move to music was not one his family fully supported as they were worried about the unstable nature of the industry but eventually they realised he can make a living from music and supported him.

Stent loves the benefits of doing what he loves but he admits that the industry is hard to break into especially compared to 12 years ago. The world’s strongest DJ encourages up and coming DJs to understand that if they will need to work hard and it’s important that they treat djing as a job, use it to build a brand and not an excuse to party. They must not use drugs and don’t drink as getting caught up in all that junk is the quickest way to end their careers.

Mark is inspired by his family and artist like Black Coffee and Oskido and he hopes to be an inspiration to the youth. His hopes to inspire the youth is the reason he gets involved with organisations like Afrika Tikkun whose core aim is to develop young people.


Written by Oupa Nkomo, Opha Khumalo & Linda Chauke

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